About us


Human Rights Here (HRH) aims to support the critical exchange of research, analysis and ideas between scholars and practitioners, as well as other relevant stakeholders, students and the media, to promote strategies resulting in an awareness and culture of human rights.


Human Rights Here (HRH) is a blog edited by a team consisting of members of the Netherlands Network of Human Rights Research (NNHRR), that aims to facilitate:

  • discussions of human rights issues of current societal pertinence in the Netherlands, Europe and around the world;
  • connections between the intellectual efforts of the members of NNHRR and other interested persons;
  • making publications of cutting-edge research accessible to the wider Dutch and international human rights academia;
  • bridge-building between academia and other relevant stakeholders, making the network a point of reference for public officials, journalists, (I)NGOs, practitioners, students and other interested persons;
  • the societal relevance of human rights and its research, by bringing academic work and the human rights interests of society closer.

Editorial Board

Elif Durmus is a PhD Researcher in the NWO VICI project "Cities of Refuge" (Utrecht University) which explores European local governments' reception and integration of refugees and the relevance of human rights as law, praxis and discourse therein. She has graduated from Ankara University Law Faculty and received an advanced master's degree from Leiden University in public international law (specialisation: peace, justice and development). Her research interests lie in the localisation of human rights and the pluralisation of sources and actors of international law. She is a fellow of the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM) and teaches part-time at the University College Roosevelt. 


Dr. Stephanie Rap is assistant professor in children’s rights at the Department of Child Law, Leiden Law School. Her academic interest lies in the field of the effective participation of children in diverse (judicial) procedures and settings, such as in child justice, child care and protection, asylum procedures and in schools. She teaches in the LL.M. programme entitled Advanced Studies in International Children’s Rights on topics related to child justice, child victims and child protection.


Felisa Tibbitts is Chair in Human Rights Education at SIM at the Department of Law, Economics and Governance at the University of Utrecht. Her research interests include peace, human rights and global citizenship education; curriculum policy and reform; critical pedagogy; and human rights and higher education transformation. She is also a lecturer in the Comparative and International Education Program at Teachers College of Columbia University.


Dr. Aikaterini Tsampi is assistant professor of International Law at the University of Groningen Law Faculty, Department of Transboundary Legal Studies. Her monograph “Le principe de séparation des pouvoirs dans la jurisprudence de la Cour européenne des droits de l’homme” was recently published by Pedone. Her research interests revolve around the system of the European Convention on Human Rights, rule of law and National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs). She lectures in the UG Top Rated LLM Programme, Public International Law and as participates a post-doc researcher in the project “Novel smoke-free policies to protect children as part of a tobacco endgame: assessing international and local experiences to generate transferable lessons for the Netherlands”.