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Call for Contributions for Blog Symposium: Palestine, Israel, Human Rights and International Law

As the latest stage of a decades-long issue concerning many different aspects of international law, the events of and following the 7th of October in Israel and Palestine call for the renewed attention of scholars of international law and human rights. Many developments concerning our field(s) have taken place in the past few years and months. The ongoing occupation of the Palestinian territories was declared unlawful by a United Nations Commission of Inquiry in 2022. An ICJ Advisory Opinion on the Legal Consequences of the Policies and Practices of Israel in the Occupied Palestinian Territories is pending before the Court. The situation in both occupied Palestine and Israel have been assessed at amounting to Apartheid by numerous human rights organisations and UN officials. Since October 7th, there are renewed and increased reports of violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law. Last but not least, there is a growing characterisation of the persecution of Palestinians as genocide, culminating in the case brought by South Africa against Israel before the International Court of Justice. The situation in Palestine and Israel has, therefore, implications not only for human lives but a rules-based international order.

With the awareness of the urgency and the need for legal expertise on this situation, the editors of Human Rights Here (HRH) are calling for contributions from members of the Netherlands Network of Human Rights Research (NNHRR), and beyond, for a Blog Symposium on Palestine, Israel, Human Rights and International Law.

Please submit your contributions formatted in line with our guidelines to HRH at our email address: by 15 February 2024. Reviewed and accepted publications will be published on a rolling basis.


Editorial Board of Human Rights Here

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