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Welcome to Human Rights Here

Dear Reader,

We are delighted to introduce you to Human Rights Here, the new blog of the Netherlands Network of Human Rights Research (NNHRR)! Human Rights Here (HRH) aims to support the critical exchange of research, analysis and ideas between scholars and practitioners. If you are reading this statement, this includes you!

Our feeling was that we needed a blog that could forge a closer connection between human rights research and rights in practice. We envision HRH to be inclusive - promoting strategies resulting in an awareness and culture of human rights for all stakeholders.

Stakeholder groups include government and international organisation officials, practitioners, civil society and non-governmental organisations, national human rights institutions, independent administrative authorities, students and the media. We are ambitious and would like our audience and contributors to extend beyond The Netherlands. We therefore welcome contributions addressing human rights topics relevant to national, regional and international audiences.

The blog’s focus on Human Rights “Here” - on the ground - will be operationalised by:

  • Publishing high-quality contributions submitted by academics as well as by practitioners;
  • Requesting contributors to demonstrate and discuss the societal relevance of their piece;
  • Reaching a broad range of stakeholders in society, among others through an accessible yet professional language and clear analysis; and by
  • Posting occasional blog entries on events demonstrably relevant to human rights, such as academic conferences, and legal or political developments.

Join us in celebrating the launch of HRH by reading one of our first blogs, and please consider making a contribution!


Human Rights Here (HRH) Editorial Board

Elif Durmus
Stephanie Rap
Felisa Tibbitts
Aikaterini Tsampi